Starting Fresh

Hello, Interweb

I've kept a blog before but it's never felt quite right. Perhaps it was the system I've used or more realistically, underlying lack of focus in blogging.

What's changed now? The first obvious thing is Focus. The blog I had previously was a combination of Apple rumors, a few productivity tips here and there and my thoughts on certain technologies. My focus is now firmly placed on development and productivity. The experience I've built up is of equal importance to the Focus.

My name's Amit and I welcome you to my site. It's 2016 and I'm certainly not the first person to start a chronicle of my adventures, but I'd like to invite you to give this a chance. It may be something you like, or it may be more tailored to the likings of someone you know.

I'm a senior consultant for a leading mobile security firm by day and a self-taught developer by night, so focus has to be at the forefront of my life. But that would also be the case if I were in any other profession and had any other hobbies apart from technology. Focus is important in all aspects of life.

If you've interacted with me on Twitter, you've probably realised there's two things I'm interested in: Development (Apple-centric) and Productivity (also, Apple-centric).

So with this site, you can expect a series of posts related to both aspects that are important to me. I'm a learner. I will come across a new trick or workflow every week; something that enhances the way I work towards the areas of responsibility in my life and I'd like to share that with you.

Focus on this blog will be about how to get started and make your way through iOS development, as well as how to get started with productivity. I'm tailoring one-to-one courses to people on productivity, so this will act as a gateway into what you'll be learning about.

You can find more inforamtion about me, the apps I've built, or the services I offer.

I look forward to this being one of the things I focus on this year and I hope you join me in that too!