Envylope is the first app I had created in the App Store and it allows people to track their Giving and Receiving habits when exchanging monetary and gifts with people. 

It's an idea that came from and was completely visualised by my wife. We're Asian and the Asian community is famous for giving "money envelopes" for every occasion, but that has now moved over to include gifts as well. The idea of Envylope came from my wife forgetting her notebook (yes, hand-written notebook) when travelling for a relative's wedding. In there, she had notes on how much she gave for the sister of the bride during her wedding and all of the gifts she received, so she could assess what to give fairly. 

Why Envylope?

When someone receives a money envelope next to you, you're bound to feel envious. That and the idea of ensuring we had a name that stood out on Google searches and in the App Store was an important part of forming this name. 

With no development experience, we embarked upon this adventure. For a year, I woke up at 5am and took part in iOS Development courses (while working full time). My wife learnt UI and Icon designing through various online courses and together, our idea became a reality. 

Envylope has been out in the App Store since December 2013. Seeing the "Your App has been approved and is now ready to sell" email from Apple was one of the happiest moments of my life (apart from my marriage day, of course)!

We've been blessed to be featured in a number of publications, which you can read out about here: http://www.envylopeapp.com/press/. For everyone who has already supported Envylope, I really appreciate it. For everyone else, there's always time to be supportive!

Find out more information on our Website, or catch us on the Apple App Store. 

Street Parchar by Basics of Sikhi is my most recent application in the App Store (January '16). Basics of Sikhi (known also as Everything's 13) is a UK-based charity organisation with the aim of educating the world on the Sikh Religion. As an organisation, they have a number of leaflets with different topics, translated into 20+ languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Kannad, French, German, Italian and many, many more. 

Basics of Sikhi started out as a YouTube channel with a number of videos on different topics. After two years, they've now amassed almost 40,000 subscribers and 1100 videos. The founder of the organisation is a great friend and the idea for the App came from them seeing a need for access to all of their leaflets and videos being available in one location. While the team are speaking to people in the street, it's not feasible to carry every leaflet in every language. 

I worked closely with the team to get the App designed and developed in exactly the way they wanted. We went through almost 300 hours of development, QA testing and user experience workflows. With the app, available universally on iPhone and iPad, users can interact with and share all of the 15 leaflets, in 20+ different languages. Users can also view every YouTube video available from the team directly within the app, including the videos in different languages. Finally, videos and leaflets can be set as Favourites for quick access later. 

This was a really important project for me. Building Envylope was a great experience but developing Street Parchar helped fill a need in the market for such a utility. At the same time, it helped ensure my friends' charity organisation could become globally recognised. The app has been very well received since it's release in January 2016. . 

Find out more information on our Website, or catch us on the Apple App Store.