Hi I'm Amit.

I'm a Malaysian-born Sikh who has lived in Melbourne for the first 6 years of my life, followed by a 25 year stint in the United Kingdom. As of 2017, I'm heading back to Malaysia and Singapore. 

Even though I've spent my entire educational life, my teens and thus far my working life in London, I've never felt it to be my home. I'm quite nomadic, but I think I'd find Malaysia to be the home I've always been looking for. 

I'm the founder of Subtera Technology, an iOS Application Development organisation in Malaysia and Singapore.

After being cheated out of the first questionnaire-based application for the iPad when it was released (a story for another time), I took it upon myself to learn iOS Development. A year of waking up at 5am took it's tool on me, but with 6 months' work after that, I had my first application in the App Store. A chance presented itself after being featured in multiple places to make an application for my friend's charity. A year later and I had two applications under my name. 

I'm currently learning Swift and am in the middle of a new food-based application and have a team of developers to make applications for SMEs. 

In my day-job, I am the Product Marketing Manager for a $7million next generation Enterprise Email Application.